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My Application (SRA911_x2) Empty My Application (SRA911_x2)

Post  SRA911_x2 on Wed Oct 03, 2012 5:37 am

*Minecraft Name:: SRA911_x2
*Prefer Survival or Building?: I like both so i kinda do both at the same time
*What is your age?: I am ten but who cares about age
*Do you Have Skype?: It broke and i can't open it...
Are you willing to work in a team? Or rather go alone?: I will do both so i help and go alone if needed to
What do you think of yourself as a builder?: I am really good and have made a spawn and other stuff for a server the ip is : if u wont to browse

U can send us a picture of one of your builds(We will test if you can really build before letting you on anyway, still makes a good step closer)
*How many times have you seen the LOTR movies?: Seen 1st and 2nd and have read the books
Did you read the books?: yes ^
*What kind of a fan of LOTR are you?: A pretty big one
*What makes you wanna join?: because it'll be fun and i like building and i like LOTR

* recommended! ( handy things to fill in correctly )


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